We are witness to a quantum leap in data produced by multiple sources. Obtaining instant clarity to this data is of utmost importance for businesses today.

Now, data analytics has become the most important part of any organization - without this, enterprises fail to take optimized decisions.

A primary hurdle for businesses today is to convert the existing data into meaningful insights and to present these insights in a format that is comprehensible and helpful in decision making. We partnered with world's leading Advanced Analytic Platforms, which helps organizations to retrieve, analyze, and report data while bringing out insights that could assist them in taking informed decisions.

Our solutions have facilitated companies in enhancing their overall process, resulting in a better understanding of their customers, lower operating costs, and improved quality. With the help of analytics and a right visualization tool in place, our experts can help you identify future opportunities and an optimal solution for your existing problems.

a) Product Intelligence

We offer services that help our clients to answers critical questions:

  •   What all products are on the declining trend of sales compared your competitors?
  •   What are the product features that our customers like and how they weigh them before making a purchase?
  •   How to analyze common questions asked by our customer?
  •   How can we do an effective competitive product feature analysis?
  •   Feature Scorecard Analysis - understanding the weight age and priority of the features for the product road map.
Data Management
b) Customer Intelligence

Customers are more empowered and connected than ever before, with access to information anywhere, anytime – where to shop, what to buy and how much to pay. Brands realize it is increasingly important to predict how customers will behave to respond accordingly. Simply put, the deeper you understand of customer buying habits and lifestyle preferences, the more accurate your predictions of future buying behaviors will be.

Infinetec Customer Intelligence Analytics Practice uses models and methodologies to help clients harvest the information, analyze its meaning and create strategies to put the results into action.

  •   Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Design
  •   Predictive Modeling
  •   Customer Insight and Voice of the Customer (VOC) Analytics
  •   Customer Segmentation
  •   Multichannel Behavioral Analysis
Data Management
c) Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Analytics helps organizations with the process of defining, gathering, cleaning, analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing their competitors’ data. This enables c-suite and other decision makers to make strategic decisions moving forward. We have the advanced tools, cutting-edge technology, and unique methodologies to effectively and efficiently develop competitive intelligence analysis and strategic planning so you’re C-Suite and other executives can make immediate, informed decisions about navigating your competitive market with confidence.

Data Management
d) Sales & Marketing Analytics

We provide analytics services to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. Our services help in improving customer experience and satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle and increase the brand value of our clients. We collaborate with our clients to enhance their marketing effectives and optimize their marketing spend.

Marketing Strategy
  •   Sizing of New Market
  •   Population Segmentation
  •   Testing of New Products in Market
  •   New Market Entry / New Product Launch Plan
  •   Market Planning
Customer Loyalty Management
  •   Loyalty Program Design
  •   Loyalty Program Management
  •   Loyalty Program Success Measurement / ROI
  •   Loyalty Customer Tracking
Customer Acquisition
  •   Basket Analysis
  •   Promotion Sensitive Analysis
  •   Customer Segmentation
  •   Acquisition Scores
Customer Insights
  •   Upsell Initiatives
  •   Cross Sell Campaigns
  •   Segment Profiling
  •   Trend Analytics
  •   Share of Wallet Analysis
Marketing Analytics
  •   Marketing ROI
  •   Market Mix modeling & Optimization
  •   Digital Marketing & Campaign Managementt
Campaign/Promotion Management
  •   Promotional Campaign Design
  •   Campaign Execution
  •   Campaign Tracking & ROI
  •   Digital Campaigns